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Extreme Halloween Is Here to Help You Find the Best Halloween Costumes for 2011.

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Statue of Liberty Halloween Costume
American Patriotic Halloween Costumes
Uncle Sam Costumes for Males and Females, Statue of Liberty Costume and Torch, Martha Washington, President Costumes and Masks & many more Patriotic Costumes; great for Halloween 4th of July or anytime.
Uncle Sam Costume
Cheshire Cat Costume
Animal Halloween Costumes
Comical Cow, Gorilla Suits and Masks, Lion Animal Costume and animal costume accessories.
Aloha Gorilla Adult Size Halloween Costume
Clown Halloween Costume
Classic Halloween Costumes For Men & Women
This category includes classic Halloween Costume Favorites - a whole list of adult Halloween costumes like Clowns, Genies, M&Ms, Monsters, Pirates, Togas, Vampires and the list goes on.
Monster Bride Costume
Pirate Halloween Costumes
Couple Halloween Costumes
Matching couples costumes like Pimps & Hoes, Priests & Nuns, Vampire & Vampiress, Pirates & a great variety of Halloween costumes for couples.
Pimp & Ho Halloween Costumes for Adults
Deluxe Batman Costume
Deluxe Adult Halloween Costumes
High quality Halloween costumes for adults. Some of the deluxe costume categories include: deluxe period costumes, deluxe pirate costumes, deluxe SuperHero costumes and much more.
Deluxe Werewolf Costume
Southern Belle Costume
Deluxe Period Halloween Costumes
These are high quality, deluxe costumes. Made well for use time and again. They are unique and elaborate and will help you win many Halloween Costume Contests. Renaissance, Early America, The Old
South, to name a few.
American Revolutionary Deluxe Period Costume
Lederhosen German Halloween Costume for Octoberfest
Ethnic Costumes for Halloween
Halloween costumes from around the world and different cultures: Beergirl, Geisha, Mariachi, and such.
Bavarian Beer Girl Costume
Santa Suit Costume
Holiday Costumes
Christmas, Biblical, Angels, Purim, Mardi Gras, Easter and Costumes for All Holidays. Costumes are not just for Halloween, costumes are popular for other holidays like Christmas, Mardi Gras, New Years, St Patricks Day & Every Day.
Velvet Mrs. Santa Costume
BP: Bad Planning Halloween Costume
Humorous Halloween Costumes
These funny costumes are sure to be the hit at any Halloween Party: Padded Costumes, Pregnant Nun, Tropical Tourist, Plug & Socket and more.
BP: Bad Planning Halloween Costume
Emu Buddy Mascot Costume
Mascot Costumes
We carry a full line of mascot characters: just about every type of animal, crazy characters, mascots for schools and sports teams. Mascots are great for many occasions.
Dolphin Mascot Costume
Pirate Maternity Halloween Costume
Halloween Maternity Costumes
Expecting a baby this Halloween? Don't worry you won't have to go naked! Extreme Halloween has you covered. Here is a list of our maternity costumes that will fit just right. We will make sure you look like a mama, not a MUMU!
Fairy Maternity Halloween Costume
Thor Movie Halloween Costume
Movie Character Halloween Costumes
Popular movies always provide us with great costumes for Halloween. Some of this years popular movie costumes are Thor, Green Latern, Captain America, Star Wars, Batman, and Harry Potter. Classic movie costumes are Super Heroes, Wizard of Oz, Matrix and Scooby Doo.
Harry Potter Adult Size Halloween Costumes
Spiderman Halloween Costumes
Comic Book Character Halloween Costumes
Many of the popular comic book characters this year have been made popular by the movies, but many classic comic book costumes are still made: X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, and more.
Wolverine Halloween Costumes
Fraggle Rock Halloween Costume in Red
TV Character Halloween Costumes
You can relive some of your favorite classic TV shows this Halloween or dress as your favorite TV character: Popular TV costumes this Halloween are: The Fraggles, The Love Boat, Miami Vice, Scooby Doo, The Brady Bunch, The Jetsons, the Flintstones & many more.
Marsha Brady Halloween Costume
Old West Bounty Hunter Halloween Costume
Period Halloween Costumes
We carry costumes from all time periods from the beginning of time (Biblical costumes) all the way up to recent retro trends like 70's and 80's costumes and everything in between
Glamorous Flapper Halloween Costume
80's Rock Star Plus Size Halloween Costume

Men's Plus Size Halloween Costumes
You have got to see our fabulous selection of full figured costumes for men and women. So many styles in plus sizes up to 4X. Costume styles like Sea Captain, Tavern Lady, Zombies and other Halloween favorites in flattering patterns and styles.

Beer Man Plus Size Halloween Costume
Feelin' Groovy 60's Plus Size Halloween Costume
Women's Plus Size Halloween Costumes
You have got to see our fabulous selection of full figured costumes for men and women. So many styles in plus sizes up to 3XL. Costume styles like Sea Captain, Tavern Lady, Zombies and other Halloween favorites in flattering patterns and styles.
Ghost Lady Plus Size Costume
Lady Gaga Halloween Costume
Pop & Rock Star Halloween Costumes
Pop and rock stars costumes for idols and icons as well as costumes that represent the popular rock and pop trends and styles of today.
KISS Demon Halloween Costume
Astronaut Jumpsuit Halloween Costume
Popular Men's Halloween Costumes
Men's Halloween Costume Favorites, Spooky Halloween Costumes for Men, TV & Movie Costumes, Ghosts, Monsters & Zombies to name a few in this category.
Drinking Drac Halloween Costume
Witchcraft Women's Halloween Costume
Popular Women's Halloween Costumes
Popular Halloween Costume choices for women in this category include Fairies, French Maids, Witches, Gothic Style, Vampires, Fairytale Characters and Genies.
Twister Halloween Costume
Sexy Guinevere Renaissance Halloween Costume
Sexy Halloween Costumes for Ladies
Sexy and skimpy costumes for adult women like military uniforms, naughty nurses, schoolgirls, devils, bunnies, etc.
Captain Booty Sexy Costume
Queen of Hearts Junior Size Costume
Petite Adult / Teen Size Halloween Costumes
Our newest category of stylish costumes for teenagers. See costumes for boys and girls like: Rock Star, Gypsy, Cheerleader, and Tough Kitty, etc.
Prom Queen Teen Halloween Costume

Extreme Halloween Featured Costumes for Halloween:

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