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Click below to see our Halloween costumes and accessories for kids.

Featured Children's Costumes:


Newborn thru Toddler Size Costumes
Bunting, Walker, Infant, and Toddler Costumes.

American Pride
Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Colonial, Presidents past & present. Celebrate in red, white &blue.

Animal Costumes
Elephants, Bears, Dogs, Bees, Monkeys and every animal costume you can imagine

Candy Catcher Costumes
Costumes perfect for trick or treat, they hold your Halloween Candy for you!

Classic Halloween Costumes for Boys & Girls
Clowns, Cowboy, M&M, Monsters, Pirates, Vampires, etc.

Disney Character Costumes
Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Disney Princess Dresses, Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, High School Musical Character Costumes and the whole crew!

Holiday Costumes
Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Purim, and costumes for any celebration you might have.

Movie Character Costumes
Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and more.

Period Costumes
Biblical, Renaissance, Colonial, Southern Belle, Flappers & Gangsters, Hippies & more.

Popular Boys Costumes
Fireman, Ninja, Pirate, Sailor, Superheroes . . .

Popular Girl Costumes
Barbie, Fairy, Princesses, Witches, etc.

Popular TV Character Costumes
Care Bears, Clifford, Looney Tunes, Yu-Gi-Oh, Lazy Town, Kim Posible

Power Ranger Costumes
Mystic Force, Space Patrol Delta, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Wild Force & Time Force Rangers

Riding Costumes for Boys or Girls
Ride a Pony, Ride a Jeep, Ride a Bike Costumes, Ride a Unicorn. Fun costumes all year round!

Superhero & Comic Book Characters
Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, X-Men, Teen Titans

Teen Size Costumes
Cool costumes in hot new styles for pre-teens, teenagers and petite adults.

ExtremeHalloween.com carries the web's largest selection of children's costumes for Halloween, dress up and all other occasions. We carry costumes in newborn, infant, toddler, children's sizes 4 through 14 and teen sizes 14 through 16. All children's costumes go by child clothing sizes (not ages). Please see our sizing chart for more information.

Check out our latest video featuring popular baby costumes for Halloween!

See All The Extreme Halloween Videos for great costume ideas and fun!

Extreme Halloween Featured Costumes for Halloween:

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